Friday, January 23, 2009

Let me introduce my Woobits!!

These little guys are just the cutest little things on the face of the planet! SERIOUSLY!!

I think it's the eyes and the nose that make them so gosh darn cute. I've included pictures of a couple that I have made. I'm going to make some for Valentine's Day (which I guess I'd better get on the ball if I want to make them available for Valentine's.

Anyhoo...thanks for reading and don't forget to check out my shop site on etsy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apparently I have issues writing on a blog - mainly I don't really write much on it. BUT I Googled Silly Toes Productions today and my blog popped up plus my Etsy Shop site. How neat! Well, my puppets are off and running. I've sold 6 so far and my customers seem to like them. No complaints so far.
I'm starting a new endeavor. They are called Woobits. Now these aren't puppets, but they are just the cutest little things. Typically I wouldn't have a picture handy to post as I am entering this little tidbit, but I'll make sure I get one in the next few days. Maybe I can upload a picture of the logo I created for them.
I'm also thinking about starting some greeting cards. Not sure really if I'm going to do it, but I've come up with some cute ideas that I think might work.
I'm just having so much fun right now just thinking up stuff.
Anyway, if you get a chance, please check out my shop and thanks for reading!
PS: I can't find my Woobits logo. I will post in a few days.