Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's going on with Silly Toes???

Well to anyone who is reading this I have been super busy. I have custom orders and then I've come up with some new ideas...Foozy Bugs, Slugs and I'm actually working on a snail. Wanna know who it is? Gary from Spongebob...I really hope he turns out okay. I had to special order his eyes.
I'm also working on a puppet trio - The three bears. So far so good. I'm really excited about them.
I am also going to try my hand at shipping internationally. How cool is it to know that someone across the world wants one of my puppets?! That is totally exciting!
So anyway, that's pretty much what's going on. I've been so super busy I've let my backyard get to "jungle" status again. Not looking forward to mowing that down, but if I don't get it done it will be worse off later...Yuck! But then that means I have to put my puppet making to the side to do it....double Yuck!
Anyway, wish I had some pictures to share. I hope to get some soon. And I'll be updating my shop very soon.