Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please meet Juma and Hijara!

Consider these two beautiful children a part of my extended family. I am anxiously awaiting my Sponsorship kit so I can get started corresponding with Juma and Hijara.

Hijara's birthday is coming up (as is mine) so I will be sending her a monetary gift. It's better to send money so they can purchase the gifts there and won't have to pay so much in freight. I had to ask about this because I thought how wonderful it would be to send them both their very own puppet. Darn the freight!!!

But I'm still excited!

As for puppet production this weekend, my goal is to finish a lady bug puppet, a foozy bug and I have a red bird and a blue bird that I need to list!! It truly takes a lot of time to upload pictures and get all the info when adding an item to my shop. But I save all my info so it's not like I have to re-do everything. I can always reuse what I've already done.

Anyway...if you're following thank you so much (from the bottom of my heart).

Will write soon.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I really need to blog more!

This should be like my daily journal. What's the point of having a blog if I'm not going to blog, right??!!

Well, I have some new puppets coming along. I've added puppies, a duck, an alien and two bunnies onto my shop site. It's very exciting. It would be my dream to make puppets full time. Maybe when I retire I can...or get married to an extremely rich man who wouldn't mind if I stayed home and kept the house tidy for him all the while making my puppets in my very own studio!! Neat-O!

But alas...I will not hold my breath.

I have on the horizon a clown and a chicken (a super hero chicken), birds and some bugs. I'll have pictures of what I am working on in a few days. I'll have to post those later as I am currently blogging from my other job (aka my BORING job). Yes, yes, I complain, yet I am thankful to God for having it.

I will post again very soon, because I have something wonderful to share with you. I just recently chose to sponsor two young children who currently live in Tanzania, Africa (a little boy and girl). Juma is the boy's name and Hajira is the little girl's name. I will post their pictures in my next entry so you can see how cute they are and how precious they are. If you want to learn more, here is the link to Compassion.

I am super excited to be sponsoring them. You just don't know! Tee-hee!!!
Talk Soon!