Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just a picture of some puppies coming into my shop!

The two on the left have collars (1 red and 1 blue) you just can't see them and the other two are in sweaters. This is my basic Wyatt puppet. All I need to do is add their hair, sew their eyes and take pictures and get them into my shop! Hopefully I can do that this weekend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New Ipup Concept_a picture is worth 1000 words

This photo should give you a really good idea of my Ipup concept. These little guys are so cute! "Cute" seems to be the word of the day today.

Close up of Wings...didn't show up in last post...

Here's the close up of the wings!


I need to come up with a cute name for this cute BEE!

I need some help? I can't use Benny or Benjamin. I was thinking of Boris, but...Nah!

But isn't he so cute?!

Here's a close up of his wings. I had fun making these. I used stiff felt inside and covered them with fleece and then used the sewing machine to make the design. I love this little guy!

But what to name him...hmmm.....

Friday, October 22, 2010

I named this I-pup: Lucky!

I think he looks kind of lucky...don't you?
He's so CUTE! :o)

Here is my latest I-pup!

I can't remember if I mentioned this before and I'll be honest, I'm too busy (or is it just laziness?) to go back and look at previous posts to see if I did, but I came up with (or more like borrowed) a new concept called I-pups. They're basically puppy puppets in the colors of the I-pod Nano's. Hopefully Apple won't sue's not like I created a brand new mp3 player or's just a play on words, right? Right???

Well...I'm willing to risk it.

My first I-pup was Griff. He was the green one.

And I just finished my yellow pup. I've named him Radar. Here's his picture. I angled his head wrong. He too has a black collar (just in case you were wondering).

But I have several more colors of these awesome pups in production now (pink, dark blue, light blue, know all the colors of an I-pod Nano) and they are so flippin' cute! I have at least 30 puppets total in production right now and I know I keep saying that. I'll take a picture of "the group" this weekend and post it. I am totally stoked for Christmas. I am really hoping people are into puppets this year. As I have heard before:

Until next time.
Theresa :o)