Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red Fuzzy Monster

Well, I tried my hand at making a fuzzy red monster. He didn't turn out as good as I would have liked but he's still kind of cute (kind of...okay maybe not...oh, I don't know). I won't consider him a Foozoozle because he looks nothing like a Foozoozle, but by making him it is inspiring me to move onto another kind of puppet. It's called the "Melon Head" puppet. Basically, if you've ever seen Sesame Street (which if you haven't then you were never a child and you were obviously born an adult) and if you've seen precious little Elmo, he would be considered a Melon Head puppet. Okay, now I could be totally off the mark here, but he looks like a Melon Head to me.
At some point I will purchase some cute long pile faux fur and then purchase the pattern to make it. As for now I'll keep at it with my Foozoozles. They are super simple to make and I'm making some modifications to make production easier and faster. We shall see. As for now, I have attached a picture of my red monster, even though he's not my favorite. Pardon my hand...I wanted to try to get a picture of him with his mouth closed. I tried very hard NOT to copy Elmo. Elmo is truly one of a kind.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm just starting out!

I'm at my real job right now and all I can think about are puppets. Yes...puppets! I've made a few and have been having a blast at it, and I'm thinking of selling them. I had several people suggest that I start a blog to get started. Maybe someone will come across this and also be interested in what I'm doing. I've never blogged before let alone read a blog, so here I am...blogging. Weird. But once I figure out how to insert pictures of the puppets I've made I will share them.
I'm very excited about this. It very well could be a dream come true. Who knows...I could be the next Jim Henson? Tee-hee!
Anyway, I'm going to officially post this now and see what it looks like. I'm being very silly right now (maybe borderline dorky) but who cares...maybe that's why I chose Silly Toes Productions for my title.