Wednesday, February 9, 2011

They're Breeding Like Bunnies!

Ha ha ha!! Okay, so not really but I have about 5 (maybe 6 - I lost count) bunnies coming into the shop. Here's a sample of two that I've done before and will re-create.I have two bunnies that are pink, a green bunny and a mint green bunny, two light brown bunnies like Gigi (pictured to the left) and then 1 gray bunny (right). Okay, so I guess that's 6.
So I'm trying to get them done way before Easter. I think they'd make a perfect Easter basket goody. They are all halfway done and so far they're looking pretty darn cute.
Anyway, just wanted to keep my peeps informed. I haven't posted in awhile. I've actually been busy doing some custom work for a few folks. It was very exciting for me! I learned some new things to improve on my people puppets so I'm hoping to get those into my shop soon.

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